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New CoT: Always the Bridesmaid, Part 1 (A/C, Ensemble)

Title: Always the Bridesmaid (Part 1 / 3)
Pairings & Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, Adam/Sophia, Mandy/Iván, Raphael/Uriel, Pippa & Robert (the cute grandson), Shadwell/Tracy (they will show up in this story), Anathema/Newt (Newt will get screen-time beyond mere mention), Janet & Natalie (the twins), Dagon/Tanith, Hastur & Ligur (they're still confused)
Rating: NC-17 (for this installment definitely, and probably the rest)
Word Count: 8,000 (for this part so far)
Notes: This full-length story is CoT 'Verse #28 (#31 by AO3 version chapter-reckoning). The wedding in this story is undoubtedly the most keenly awaited since Adam and Sophia tied the knot, so, as per Pippa's constant urging, let's get on with it.
Summary: Sometimes the best plans of all are plans left (mostly) unmade.

(Always the Bridesmaid: Part 1)
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