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M/M Rares fanfic & art sign ups close the evening of May 23

The M/M Rares fest is still taking sign ups until 8PM PDT on Friday, May 23rd. (That's west coast USA time.)
comm on Dreamwidth     comm on AO3     FAQ     all the available pairs

There are 5 character pairs from Sandman that were nominated for the fest this year.

To play you need to submit 4-6 requests and 4-10 offers. Each request must be for a unique fandom and may include up to 10 pairings. Each offer must be for a unique fandom and can include up to 20 pairings. For offers, you may also check 'Any' if you're willing and able to create for any pairing listed under the fandom heading.

Sandman pairs in the fest:

Dream of the Endless/Pharamond | Mr Farell
Hob Gadling/Bhartari Raja
Lucien/Bhartari Raja

Crossover pairing: Tom Riddle (Harry Potter)/Cluracan (Sandman) listed in the "Crossover" fandom on the sign up
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